Tuesday, 29 March 2011


This gig at the Dance Factory in Fat Sams took place in March 1987.
It's Scottish band, Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, who were active up to the mid 90's.
I recognise big John Duncan on guitar there. He used to be a regular sight in Edinburgh in the late 70s/early 80s when he was in The Exploited. He had green hair back then so you really couldn't miss him!
See the lassie playing keyboards on the right of the second picture, that's Shirley Manson, who a few years later would go on to achieve mega fame with her band, Garbage.
Anybody recall this gig? I missed out on it.
Photos by The Bear.


  1. Eh mind o Big John and also 'Watty' the singer from the Exploited. Mind Watty getting chased all over the hull and through the town efter a game at Dens. He got us back though at Easter Rd, I do remember that as my nose still 'off centre'...

  2. Big John , roadie for Nirvana too at one point and played for them briefly filling in , and oh! Fuck a mod ! Exploited barmy army dont you try to mess.

  3. I remember Big John used to let me and my sister try on a pair of his breeks at the same time - they were so voluminous that we both fitted into them! Happy days!!