Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Not exactly a brilliant picture this one but to be fair my brother was on board a train when he snapped it.
It was taken in the early 70's around the area between the rail bridge and the station.
To get technical for a moment - the WHISTLE sign was to warn of an approaching train shunting in the wrong direction over the up line.
The 2 signal arms on the tall post are shunting signals controlling one of the entrances to the goods yard.
What amuses me about the photo though is the reminder that back in the 70's my brother used to show his photos using a slide projector & screen at home, and every time this photo popped up on view, everyone in the room started to whistle!
Now this is a much better picture - this time one of Neale Elders.
You should recognise the view taken from the end of the platform.
The image was shot in December 1983, a year before these semaphore signals were replaced with a new coloured lighting system.
The signal boxes in the background are West Box & Central Box.
Another Neale Elder image here - the view along the rail bridge tracks taken in March 1986.
The "Push-Pull" train in the picture is another piece of history, and I'm pretty certain it has ScotRail on the side too!
If you need to delve deeper into the images, click onto them for the large versions.


  1. About a dozen or so of these class 47 engines operated in Scotland on push/pull duties and yes, it did have "Scotrail" on the side.Something like 400 or so of this type of engine were built in the early to middle 60s and a few of them survive to this day both in preservation and main line duty.You will frequently see them attached as back up on trains hauled by preserved steam. Indeed, at least three have visited Dundee in the last year on such duties (two on one train from Spondon and one along with a preserved Deltic. Ironically on a day when because of the snow nothing was moving north of Edinburgh, this special made it here with two engines almost fifty years old.Youtube has some good clips of this.

  2. Dundee Tay Bridge Station as i will always remember it with the signalboxes,complicated trackwork and Classic Signals.Not the open deserted dump that it is todays but thats progress!!In 1979 my teacher gave me a semaphore signal that her son was gifted by the wrecking gangs removing Broughty Ferry Jct....Think it was a shunting signal as per the 1st photo!Took a few of us to Carry it home