Sunday, 13 March 2011


The advert on top cropped up in the Tele in January 1972.
Two Sunday games taking place up at Kingsway Ice Rink, one featuring a cup match - Dundee Rockets v Paisley Mohawks - and the other a league game - Dundee Meteors v Murrayfield Raiders.
It wasn't only local ice hockey teams Kingsway Ice Rink hosted, from time to time International games took place too. The photo above is one such encounter, a match in the early/mid 80's involving Great Britain v Canada.
It'll be interesting to find out if anyone has the results for any of the matches mentioned.
Incidentally, former 80's Dundee Rockets player, Rob (Bob) Breskal, has dropped some comments recently on some of the older Rockets/Ice Rink posts on Retro and says if anyone wants to get in touch with him, you can contact him at -


  1. It was only a couple of years after the top advert that the ice rink stopped hockey in the mid 70s for a few years. The Rockets shifted over to Murrayfield for a few years until Dundee started up hockey again.

  2. The picture above is one of the games from the Sport Goofy Tournament which was prior to the rebirth of the Dundee Rockets. The game in progress is Holland (in dark tops)and the Concordia Stingers who incidently included Roy Halpin and Chris Brinster(5)who became household names if you followed hockey. The advert for the Meteors v Murrayfield brought back memories as I played in goal in that game.