Saturday, 19 March 2011


2 ads for Thomas D Guild of Stannergate Dairy.
Blue one 1979.
Orange one 1981.
We Dundee fowk called them Guildies of course... and talking about dairy mate, Tam Hughes, left Dundee for London in 1980, and after a few years started up his own dairy business in the capital. Now, probably 99 out of 100 would do what Thomas Guild did and call their business after their proper name, but Tam, amusingly, opted to keep his Dundee moniker and called his "Tams Dairies". Doing great biz too.
Incidentally, one of his delivery customers is original Madness nutty boy, Lee Thompson.
So milking the theme a for a bit of fun, I think a Madness remix is due - howsabout "Milk Float To Cairo" - "Sour House" - "Door Step Beyond"...!!