Sunday, 6 March 2011


Here's a nice wee collection of old BR tickets that were on the go in the mid 80's.
The large red & white ticket was probably the most common one in use back then for everyday city to city travel. Not only is the ticket a Dundee one, the machines that dispensed them were local too - the equipment being manufactured by NCR.
The white Excess/Travel slips were dished out by on-train staff in the days before they were given portable ticket machines for the job.
The wee pink ones were called Edmondson tickets and were issued at Broughty Ferry up until the station became unmanned in March 1985.
Big thanks to Neale Elder.


  1. I have hundreds of these that were given to me by the staff at Broughty Ferry,Dundee & the guards on the local DMU service.i thought i would be the only person that still has them!

  2. Am I right in thinking that Strathtay buses also adopted the pink tickets? I'm pretty sure I remember the conductors issuing them up until the early to mid-1990s.

  3. squaker_quaker6 March 2011 at 07:55

    Yawn. Train tickets, really?

    How's about something interesting rather than guff like this.

    Try harder.

  4. Travel broadens the mind, and your narrow-mindedness of not being able to relate to the subject proves that you should get out & about more!

  5. I loved seeing the tickets. The big red and white ones brought back a shed-load of happy memories.

    Some folk have no soul, ae?

  6. I remember getting hit a couple of times with those Excess slips when I sneaked into 1st Class compartments on a 2nd class ticket. There were a couple of times I got away with it though. If you fancy the gamble, make sure you have spare dosh with you!
    In some parts of Europe back then, they actually had 3rd class. These consisted of wooden bench seats. Old ladies from the countryside, dressed in black, would bring small livestock on with them - hens & goats - and they would sit there nibbling away at a bag of sunflower seeds.
    3rd class also had no ventilation, so because of the stinging med heat, the windows and doors would always be kept wide open to try catch a bit of cooling breeze. It was great fun sitting at the open doors with your legs dangling out the train watching the fabulous Camargue scenery go by. I loved going 3rd class, I felt like a hobo who stowed away on a freight train.
    All you got with 1st class was a snooze!

  7. Jimmy Saville...."This is the aaaaage...of the train"

    Most memorable trip was travelling to a TA camp in the Dundee Fortnight, trying to get out of Dundee was a nightmare, they eventually trained us to Perth and we got the old compartment trains to London, no food so everyone shared, strangers all,a great laugh, and a great example of making the best of things.