Sunday, 20 March 2011


Top ad - A.R. Sherrit, School Road - 1981.
Mid ad - Kennerty, Mains Road - 1974.
Low ad - George Bathie, Shepherds Loan - 1968.
I had a wee stint on the milk in the early 70's when I was at secondary. It didn't last any longer than a fortnight though because I was just standing in for my mate. It was slightly different to the usual kind of milk round because I delivered milk only to schools & nurseries. Nae trekkin' up closies for me, just dropping the crates off outside the gates was all that was involved. The best bit was standing on the back of the lorry, whizzing along the streets with the wind in the hair!
An earlier primary school milky memory I have is when we used elastic bands as catapults - looped around the thumb and index finger. Folded bits of paper were the main pellets we'd fire at each other, however, the most painful ones were folded tinfoil milk bottle tops. OW..!!...they really stung yer bare legs! Made boys cry they did!!
Finally, don't forget there is also a book out called "On The Milk" by Willie Robertson, telling the tale of life as a milk boy in Dundee in the early 60's.
That's all the moo items I have at the moment - time to put the empties on the doorstep.


  1. I was on the'mulk' with Kennerty in the 70's.Wee Sam was the driver-up at 4.30 and jumping on & off the back of a moving van with bottles of milk in yer mitts!If that wasn't dangerous enough we were sent out on a Friday evening on foot to collect the money- Douglas baby.Wasn't mugged once - having said that - I did wear a baggy anorak( hid the money bag)and loads of people seemed to be out when I chapped their door so the bag never got too full.
    Was in Douglas last week -Douglas primary school next to the community centre is gone! It's just a field. BalunieAvenue is lined with new cheery houses .But do they get a gold top on their doorstep in the morning?

  2. In nineteen sixty one I used to work delivering milk for Tom Milne who had a dairy on Strathmartine road,We used to start at five o clock and finish at eight with just enough time to get home have a bite of breakfast and then off to school. We had to collect the milk money from the customers on Friday night which made the rising on Saturday morning a bit hard, but we had the pleasure of looking forward to a lie in on a Sunday starting an hour later at six o clock in the morning. Having just finished reading Willie Robertsons book On The Milk it brought back a lot of great memories of Dundee at that time and I was well able to relate to the storyand the people.

    Bill Hanlon
    Western Australia