Sunday, 31 January 2010


Mike Kane once got the following headline in Cranked Up mag - THE MOST HATED MAN IN DUNDEE - and it went on to state - "Vex has elicited more horror, disgust and outrage than any other musician of his time".
The piece was written by Fabian Bell aka Craig Methven and it continued with an interview which contained this classic opening line - "Mike, I know a lot of people who want to punch you in the mouth..."!!
Vex did get a few pages of coverage in Cranked Up but his band didn't exactly get the C.U. thumbs up, and so Vex decided to print up their own literature, putting the band's point of view across, in music as well as politically. These publications were given out free at gigs.
A couple of examples are shown above, from the 1981/82 period.
The top cover has printed on it - VEX (veks) annoy, irritate, make unhappy.
The 2nd cover has printed on it - LECTURES SET TO NOISE.
The bottom snippet comes from the Lectures mag and has Vex laying it on the line with a mini manifesto describing their declaration of intent.


  1. Whatever happened to Mike Strachan? Did he move to Glasgow years ago?

  2. Mike went to Glasgow to be a nurse , opened a record shop (he worked in rockpile in dundee) ..realistic records i THINK! then returned to Dundee in 1989 to open the Incredible Roll Inn , in Whitehall Crescent , then Beiderbeckes restaurant, has never been involved with bands for years.
    mike kane

  3. Am loving reading about the VEX stuff. All good!