Monday, 1 February 2010


Here's 2 different Vex performances that took place in 1981.
The first review is seen from the audience's perspective, and the other is an account of a gig by the band.
So, the top one was a show Vex did at the Tayside Bar. A large turn out for this one too, and although writer, Jock Ferguson, gives a good detailed description of the evenings events and a bit of background information on the band, he does end up dismissing Vex as "Bluffers"!!
At least there was no police presence during this performance, but being Vex, some of their gear got smashed up!
The 2nd review was written by Vex member, Mike Strachan, and tells of what happened at their gig at the Brig O' Tay in Fife.
Not only did Vex improvise their sets, on this occasion they also improvised a name change and called themselves Mass on the night, sharing the bill with 2 other acts, The Noise and Waiter Waiter.
Once again, however, the night ended abruptly when the police were called, that lead to their equipment being switched off and the band banned!
You'll probably need to click the images to read the large versions.


  1. It was a strange line up at the Brig O' Tay that night with Vex, Waiter Waiter and The Noise but undoubtedly the crowd were there to see The Noise. Half of Dundees punks were over to witness the gig. Have to say that by the time the filth arrived the evening had already descended into mayhem.

    Vex were very good with their PR stuff but were piss poor in the flesh.

  2. I remember it well. Dundee Punks (and Skins?) on tour!