Thursday, 4 February 2010


A little glimpse at what was showing at the Steps in April 1989.
Not much in the way of family films, but looking through the list it reminded me that I bought the COLORS soundtrack on vinyl back then. I had a look to see if I still had the album in my collection and I do, so I plucked it out to get a reminder of the content. If there are any old b-boys & fly-girls out there, then here's the tracklist lowdown...
ICE T "Colors" - DECADENT DUB TEAM "Six Guns" - SALT 'N' PEPA "Let The Rhythm Run" - BIG DADDY KANE "Raw" - ERIC B & RAKIM "Paid In Full" - KOOL G RAP "Butcher Shop" - 7A3 "Mad Mad World" - ROXANNE SHANTE "Go On Girl" - MC SHAN "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste" - RICK JAMES "Everywhere I Go".
Some classic old school hip hop in there... and this was around the time the word "Yo" started to infiltrate our language.
Yo...I'm outta here!!


  1. went to see colors there that night advertised, one of my favorite films , went to the ladywell tavern after the film and that was where i first met Voight Kampff , young musicians and graffitti artists, mark (lykenlove)and andy who became and still are good friends.


  2. Im a nightmare walkin,psycopath talkin,king of the jungle just a gangster stalkin,(this is off top of my head so probably innacurate)but i remember this movie well,excellent:-)

  3. Jeezo I was there that night as well we probably all know each other by sight.
    Does anyone remember the old boy who was a regular at The Steps, always wore a dark fedora and old black overcoat, we knew him as Richard Widmark (not rhyming slang he just resembled the actor.)

    Dave from Acquisitions

  4. " life like a firecracker, quick is my fuse,
    then dead as a (? could never work out this lyric)
    The colours I choose."
    Back when Ice T was guid before he was on Celebrity Mr & Mrs.

    The Soundtrack album is still a firm favourite!
    Hopefully I was keeping a relatively low profile then
    as I was only 16 (Andy was 18) & shouldn't have been in the film let alone the boozer!

    Mike. I think we saw Boys in the Hood there as well.

    The Steps was amazing for indie films.
    Did it have plastic chaors at this point (or did i imagine that?)

  5. I think the chairs were green and padded and folded down !!
    could be wrong , but that would be a first.


  6. any one over four foot high must have found the seating in the steps very restrictive, I know I did, I used to go to surrealist french stuff with this surrealist french woman,(poodles being kicked over cliffs, ACE!) it put me off the place. was kevin not working there as well or was it just next door?
    the bear

  7. A friend tells me the Richard Widmark lookalike is called Ron and is Dundees leading communist philosopher and all round moaner and complainer.

  8. The man in the fedora was until fairly recently a regular at DCA cinema. Always a dapper dresser if its the same old boy.
    And the steps always had green upholstered chairs, comfy but quite a tight fit as i think it was originally intended to be lecture theater. Green jute wallpaper as well!