Sunday, 7 February 2010


Not so many cinemas in town by the time we reach the late 80's, but here's what films were on offer in October 1988, published in Dundee's what's on guide, Street Life.
If I only had to pick one movie, I think I'd opt for "A Fish Called Wanda".
Picture houses mentioned are - STEPS - CANNON 1 & 2 - VICTORIA.
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  1. I would have opted for a Prayer for the Dying, simply because Mickey Rourke was as cool as feck.
    I have watched an incredible amount of guff ( as well as the odd classic) featuring that man, particularly in the 90's wilderness years.

    I actually own Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man with Mickey Rourke & Don Johnston...

    Rumble Fish is still one of my faves....

    The Motorcycle Boy Reigns Supreme!

  2. Mickey Rourke was legend in Angelheart which I saw at The Steps.
    I remember that there was an audilble gasp from the audience at the end when everything fell into place.

  3. At the end of Angelheart not a soul stood up (puntastic)until the curtains closed. Everyone was watching the lift descend and waiting for a last scene after the credits...nowt sadly just fade to black.