Friday, 26 February 2010


Another Dundee fanzine that cropped up in 1982 was called, The Voice.
Covering similar topics as Cranked Up, it touched on the local music scene, theatre, food, politics, humour etc, and was on sale at places like Rockpile, Bruces and Tayside Bar.
The top image is the cover of issue 3, showing some of the subjects to be found inside, as well as coming up with the claim that it has "More Pages Than The Dundee Standard"!!
Underneath it is a page I plucked out as an example of the content, containing 4 Dundee gig reviews. KIM WILDE at the Caird Hall and 3 shows at the Tayside Bar featuring - FIRST PRIORITY - DESPERATION A.M. - ZOE & THE ZEBRAS.
Click on the items to read the enlarged version.

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  1. My memory of "The Voice" was sneaking into the photocopy room at work to copy the pages that we had typed / stencilled / letreset and drew , then tippexed out the border lines (not very successfully it seems ) and re - photocopied the fanzine (cut and paste i think it was called before computers!), this was better fun then the content !
    I am not sure what issue it was, maybe 2 , we gave away a free Scrotum Poles EP with every issue as Steve had so many under his bed , these now sell for up to £80 on eBay !! don't know how many Cranked Up Jock printed but we only copied 50 of "The Voice" making us a huge profit of £10 !! took a bit of a loss on the Scrotum Poles free EP issue on hindsight , but , fuck it ,it was fun