Tuesday, 23 February 2010


In 1964, pop group, The Hollies, invaded the editorial room of DC Thomson's girl magazine "Romeo".
The band were in town for a gig at the Top Ten Club at the Palais, so this would have been a bit of PR during their free time.
The 3 Dundee lassies in the picture from West Ward Works are - Irene Colville, Mina Duncan & Evelyn Porter.

Talking about The Hollies, in 1967 the group's lead singer, Allan Clarke, was back in Dundee to perform the opening ceremony of a new shop that was launched in the Overgate.
It was half fashion boutique and half discotheque.
Called "Scene One", the front part of the store sold the latest designer gear brought in directly from Carnaby Street in London. This then lead to a door that took you to the other half of the premises at the back - the disco area.
Unfortunately, Scene One only lasted around a year.

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  1. Now that is what you call a group. Brilliant music.