Thursday, 25 February 2010


Oink hit the shelves in 1986, and although the comic was aimed at youngsters, the rebellious humour of it's content soon had it become a favourite read of student types and the like. It's not surprising Oink grabbed the attention of an older crowd because it was put together by a team of UK's top comedy writers.
Some of those who contributed material were my colleagues from Private Eye, cartoonists - Banx, Clive Collins (Phil Collins brother), Tony Husband and Haldane.
Another contributor was well known BBC DJ and ex member of The Fall, Marc Riley.
TV satirist, Charlie Brooker also had a stint on the comic.
I'll refrain from mentioning them all, but one final Oink associate, Kev F Sutherland, later went on to work for the Beano.
As you can see above, the first issue of the comic had a free flexi-disc - 2 tracks, "The Oink Song" by The Oinklettes and "Oink Rap" by Uncle Pigg.
I remember John Peel was a fan of Oink and used to discuss it on his radio show. Issue 1 actually has a colour poster of "Bacon Stevens" accompanied by an interview by John Potatopeel!
Another amusing music item inside is a sexy sketch of blond bombshell, Hamantha Fox!
Unfortunately, there are no references to Dundee band, Pigs Are Cute..!!


  1. Loved Oink. Still have a few. What I really wanted was the card game they released. A friend a school had them but I never got them. Was like Topp Trumps but with Oink if I remember right.

  2. Hey - any chance of a flexi-disc upload? I made the mistake of leaving a suitcase full of periodicals and books in a shared hallway in the 90s.... Terry Gilliams book 'animations of mortality' i particularly miss. Also in case were Private eye and viz and oink!... Best not to dwell on it....