Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Most of us were brought up on DC Thomson comics as kids - the Beano, Dandy, Topper, Beezer etc. However, we also reached the stage when we all grew out of them. This is where Viz stepped in, giving the older teenager/young adult something to giggle at with it's mix of crude & clever material.
I suppose not many of you have seen the rare 1st issue of Viz though (above). Looking more like a fanzine than a fully-fledged comic, it came out in December 1979. Only 150 were printed, and all sold out in one night at a punk gig in a pub in Newcastle.
Issue 1 began as a "Bumper Christmas Special", which is a good wee joke in itself, but another good laugh is that it cost 20p...30p for students!
As you can see on the cover, there is also a nod to the Beano, with Billy Whizz having a speedy look through the comic and appearing to be very impressed with it.
The Dundee seal of approval..!!
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  1. I had a geordie mate when I was in the navy during the 80s.He used to get me copies of Viz when it was only avaliable in Newcastle.
    I had another geordie mate who was a dead ringer for Biffa Bacon, in looks and behavior."Did you spill ma pint? "

  2. What about the other tip of the hat from Viz to DC Thomsons? Namely the (in)famous McBroons strip they ran for 1 issue.... DC Thomson was a bit less than happy about it I seem to remember!

    The Bairn got it wrong again, Granpaw wasn't away for a fight...

    He was away for a sh!te!

  3. i got this copy if anyone is interested i dont know if it is real or not email :