Wednesday, 17 February 2010


When Radio Tay started up in 1980, The Jobcentre teamed up with them and set up, what was known as, the Job Shop, at the stations premises. The idea behind it was to expand the Jobcentre's facilities in Dundee to help spread the word about work in the local area. Radio Tay would then broadcast vacancy updates 3 times a day, to remind the unemployed what jobs were available and they could make enquiries about the jobs either at Radio Tay or the main Jobcentre.
Below is a short, silent clip of the interior of the Job Shop in 1980.


  1. Radio Tay is in the old office block of T.C.Keay a company that folded in 1977 making 300 workers redundant.
    Dead ironic that they set up a job centre on the premises coupla years later.

    Dr Wu

  2. apparently when universal credit goes live you have to adhere to new jobseeking which includes listening to the radio
    if jcp+ think am sitting listening to the crap music on radio tay on the offchance a radio presenter reads out job vacancies they can go and whistle in the dark

  3. Made redundant from T C Keay in 1971, best move I ever made