Tuesday, 26 January 2010


When you had Ricicles, it meant you didn't need to sprinkle sugar onto your Rice Krispies, and so when they brought out Ready Salted crisps in the 60's, it meant you no longer had to sprinkle salt onto your crisps. Before then, you should remember they were sold as plain crisps but included a wee blue bag of salt inside the packet for you to spread all over the crisps.
It seems nothing now, but when Ready Salted originally hit the scene, it wasn't just a novelty, it was more like a giant leap forward into the future!


  1. Then in the 80's again someone brought out "salt and shake" a wee step backwards in my opinion.Every now and then there was no wee bag of salt in the crisp bag, they tasted awful without it too !!!!!!

  2. I remember the "salt and shake" crisps from the 1980s - the salt came in a dark blue paper sachet which, as Anonymous noted, wasn't always in every pack. I remember as a nipper eating all the crisps so that only the crumbs and wee bits at the bottom were left - it was only at that point I added the salt! Makes me feel queasy now...

  3. I once went to Edinburgh zoo - you were still allowed to feed the animals through the bars - and people clocked that the monkeys were partial to the wee blue bagsof salt. - boy we thought that was funny at the time.