Monday, 11 January 2010


This ad from 1965 is for the Dundee Supply Company who were located a couple of doors up from DM Browns in Commercial Street.
I must admit, it's a shop I knew nothing about until I saw the advert for it. Mind you, I would still have been at primary when the shop was on the go, so it wouldn't be a place I'd visit by myself anyway.
Judging by the photo, it appears to be quite a sizable store, well stocked with fancy foodstuff.
It seems it didn't quite make a century being in biz though. As you can see, it was established in 1873, and although it is listed in my 1966 Dundee Directory, it doesn't show up in my 1970 one, so sometime in the late 60's the shop closed it's doors for good. Same goes for their Ferry branch.

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