Wednesday, 20 January 2010


You may remember in the old layout of the Museum in the 1960's & 70's, they had 2 house interiors from the late 19th century on display. They were next to each other to show the contrast in living conditions between the poor and the rich.
The image on top is the example of the grubby poor hoose which was called the Dundee Kitchen, the decor dating from around the 1870's. Although it's not shown in the illustration, I can recall this room also had a mouse running across the floor.
Next door to it was the shiny posh hoose called the Victorian Parlour, with decor dating from the 1890's. Again, not shown in the drawing but I remember in the room there was also a pedal organ.
Although the difference in the two lifestyles was plain to see, they did have something in common on display - the Wally Dugs on the mantelpiece!
The illustrations were done by Margaret J Webb in 1970.


  1. they used to move the moose, many a saturday afternoon playing " whaurs the moose",, bairns o the day, dinna ken their born..

    lesley g.

  2. I remember the moose. The poor hoose was better than the tenement I was born in.
    I also remember the tay whale ,the shrunken heads and a beehive ,where you could see the bees through glass.

  3. The poor hoose was better than the tenement I was born in. LOL Brilliant!