Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Well I started this recent food theme with Wallace's pehs, and so I'll bring it to an end with another one of Wallace's gastronomic gems, their Land O' Cakes shops.
These 2 ads are from the 60's, with the top one showng an image of their main bakery HQ up at Stobswell.
Their most well known shop was probably the one in Crichton Street, but they did have lots of others dotted around town - Dura Street, Hawkhill, Hilltown, in fact we even had one in Craigie!
The last time I looked, the Stobswell Bakery HQ in Eliza Street had been demolished, and their adjoining shop on the corner of Dura Street was lying empty, although a large Land O' Cakes sign was still on the side of the wall.


  1. Lovely to see these Land 'o' Cakes things...Aunite Mina would be sad that the shop was closed but pleased that it is still remembered!

  2. Land O'Cakes was started by James McHardy Wallace.He had returned from New York where he was foreman baker with J.Garfield Weston.He came back as foreman baker with Lindsay & Low in Allan St.There were relations David Wallace(Castle St & Loftus in B/Ferry. J.B.(Hawkhill) JM(B/ness Rd.H/hill & Overgate (2nd youngest son. He had 2 daughters & 7 sons.

  3. No2.Norman Wallace had a bakery in Toronto at 1485 Danforth.Now alas demolished.Harry Wallace retd.from Canada & ran the bakery in Session St.William was a joiner.His yard was where the phone in Seymour St. David emgtd to Canada then Australie in 1939.I had a dgtr who was a Saturday girl Crichton St Another who was Mgress
    in the Dura St.Shop near the end

  4. I have 2 cardboard plaques advertising land o cakes rolled oat bannocks anyone interested in them