Wednesday, 6 January 2010


"Hello Hello, I'm back again" - so sang another GG back in 1973, and now is a rather fitting phrase for the return of Retro Dundee.
For those of you who didn't get enough booze over the New Year period, here is a reminder of the glamour gals they used to put on tins of Tennents lager in the early 70's, a common sight at parties and around football grounds.
So, from Heather, Shirley and myself, a drink to your health, and all the best for 2010. GG


  1. Happy New Year GG! Looking forward to some good stuff on the blog this year.

  2. What gems await us?
    And what a great way to clear your loft.
    Do you have a barn full of stuff GG?

  3. Was goalkeeper Andy Goram's (ex?) wife not one of these lovelies? It used to be said that if your wife/girlfriend started to resemble the girl on the tin you were holding..then you'd had enough!
    Welcome back GG.

  4. I think it was Alan Rough's missus.
    The theme goes back further, to the sixties with wording like 'shopping in Sauchiehall Street' featuring a bouffant-ed lass in a tartan coat.
    I wonder how the girl on the Sweetheart Stout tin is bearing up?

  5. Happy New Year GG.
    Looking forward to 2010 filled with Retro Dundee!

  6. Happy new year Dundee fowk, anyone remember the grousebeaters animation, that used to advertise grouse whisky..the catchphrase was "gaid lad tam ye were hundin his braces" or the other one..did you get the delivery Glenda. think it was Tartan Special..

  7. or "the first one always gets you like that " ;)

  8. Happy New Year GG. I remember as a schoolboy how we used to gle the tins at the family new year parties.

  9. .
    Happy New Year, GG!

    Hi anonymous.

    The Inverbraw grousebeaters actually advertised McEwan's Lager.

    The "You were holdin' 'is braces Tam, guid lad" ad can be seen as "Inverbraw Grouse Beater 2" at:-

    1 & 3 are available from the "Related Videos" at the right of that page.