Thursday, 28 January 2010


It's starting to show it's age now, but this is an original RNLI badge dating back to the 60's. The RNLI used to have "Flag Days" in the city centre when I was a schoolboy, and for a small donation you got a flag - ie a paper square on a pin that you stuck into your lapel. Or if you wanted to splash out a tanner, you were given this badge. Sometime later they replaced the flags with stickers, but they never changed the name to "Sticker Day"!
I know they still have Flag Days today, but I'm obviously just referring to the old style ones.
The Dundee donations were for the Broughty Ferry Lifeboat.
Another one I can recall is, The Red Cross, who were also regulars in the 60's & 70's.


  1. I remember the flag days well. I think it is disgusting that the RNLI has to rely on the public for support. Other less worthy orginisations recieve funding from the government, so why not this one?

  2. Another,less in your face,way of raising money for the RNLI in the 60's was a glass bottle with petrol to fill cigarette lighters.For making use of this service you dropped a donation onto a small model boat with a coin slot on top of it.Mac