Tuesday, 19 January 2010


This article is taken from an issue of CRIPES, a Bruce's Record shop in-house magazine dated the end of August 1977.
It's just a brief word about a few gigs that were on at the Marryat Hall during the summer of '77.
The Chelsea / Alternative TV gig took place on 19 August 1977.
The Boomtown Rats were due to play on 6 September 1977.
The Count Bishops had already played up at Dundee University on 11 February 1977, so the Marryat gig was obviously to be their second visit.


  1. I was at the Chelsea ATV gig , it was pretty amazing for me as a teenager , think the next one was Pentration supported by dundee "punk" band The Drive ! the boomtown rats was cancelled as they had to play Totp's ,Tossers then and tossers now , Ill take a wild guess they have reformed !!


  2. Mike, that's right. I remember Gene October gobbing on the window at the back. ATV were brilliant if I remember rightly. Penetration were good too. Boomtown Rats eventually came back and played the Caird Hall.

  3. The Count Bishops cancelled, b*stards, I was taking a burd to the gig and we got all the way to the Carid Hall before they told us...

    Chelsea ATV gig was brilliant, but the Eddie and the Hotrods/Squeeze/Radio Stars was my favourite. I am going to see the Hotrods and Radio Stars at the 100 Club in London on Friday Night....pure nostalgia

  4. Was the Radio Stars gig not at the Uni same night as Squeeze played the Caird Hall , I remember the lead singer Andy?? clambering all over the lighting rig.And yep The Boomtown Rats cancelled the Maryatt Hall because of TOTP date.How very "unpunk".It was all going belly up by that time anyhoo with people at gigs behaving like the NME told them. Staring vacantly at each other and mouthing "destroy".


  5. Remember the Penetration gig at the Marryat Hall well with Pauline Murray (just a skinny waif then) sitting outside in the corridor.

    The Radio Stars were at the Bowling Alley ...

    All the young punks (new boots and contracts) ;-)

  6. RadioStars played Dundee Uni Oct 6 1978 they also supported Eddie and the Hot Rods at the Caird Hall and played Bloomers (jeezo I feel sad having looked all that up on t'interweb)

  7. Didnt Radio Stars play support at the Caird Hall to Hot Rods etc, then the same night after the show, go up to the Uni union as The Adverts were playing and that's the night Radio Stars singer climbed up on the amps etc? Maybe my memory playing tricks...

  8. Historian you've got me thinking now, as I was at both gigs and cant remember if Adverts supported Radiostars at the Uni or Andy just appeared and did a wee cameo up the rigs.Do recall it being a brilliant night though.

    Mike G.

  9. damm the lack of editing facility on here.. im sure the second marryat gig was the vibrators supported by the skids.
    lesley g