Wednesday, 27 January 2010


In the 70's, Tudor Crisps had a warehouse at the Craigie shops in Huntly Road.
I'd see their van passing our way quite a lot. It had the face of Henry VIII on the side of the van, and it was one of those know how on some paintings the eyes appear to follow you around the room...well it was the same with Henry. When the van was coming towards you, you'd see Henry staring at you from the side of the vehicle, and when the van had passed, he would still be looking at you, even if it was from a different angle - as if he swivelled his head around keeping an eye on you!
Always amusing thing to observe at schoolboy age.
What he didn't manage to catch the sight of however, was when one day, a couple of Craigie High pupils nicked a box of crisps from the back of the van when it was being loaded up at the warehouse and they ran back with it into the playground at lunchtime for us all to dip into!!


  1. worked here 1960 until 1977 happy days started working here at the very beginning 1960 day shift shifts began around 1961 I was promoted then as a charge hand , MET my husband here still married after 50 years

  2. forgot to say this was at tudor crisp peterlee co durham