Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Once again, Egon Boney is our guide on a jaunt around a few city centre eating places, this time searching for a decent lunchtime meal.
His findings were a bit hit & miss from what was on offer in 1982.
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  1. My workmates and I used to go to the Executive on Friday lunchtimes for pub lunch - when I say pub lunch I mean a plate of chips with vinegared down tomato ketchup and a few pints of lager tops! The Executive was the place that I first experenced MTV... Bananarama & Modern Talking on rotation!!! Dire...

  2. Dont remember getting food in frews! do remember going nuts when a pint went up to 50p though !!

    p.s. were you not at school at this time alan !!

  3. Executive was next to the Greens yeh? I remember mid 90's think it was called 'Castaways'... Anyway it had became a pound a pint shop and was frequented by the local 'late morning/lunchtime/afternoon' homeless crowd. One day in particular I passed, it was the middle of summer and the pub had a few white plastic tables and chairs outside and all the 'clientel' were sitting outside false teeth on the table, tops off, awfy bonny but the funniest thing was, the pub had cordened them in with orange traffic cones and red/white tape, looked hilarious. Wish I'd taken a photo. Not so Executive!

  4. Was that written by Kevin and Perrie? It is quite obvious the writer was most probably still pre-pubesent, however "Winstons was a shitehouse" killler line..lol.

  5. Mike - I used to go there when I worked at Verdant Works... around about 1985.

  6. The Captain posting here.....

    Willie Frew's did ocassionally serve food - of sorts - during the late 70's/early 80's - I think I had the odd roll and maybe a lukewarm Wallace's pie or bridie there on a Friday evening if i was starving.... but his pub was in a condemned rat infested building so you didn't go to eat there as a general rule......

    Peculiar place Frew's..... due to the location you could find the oddest people there... artists writers TV people intellectuals bums musicians vagabonds of all types all sat next to each other, usually with plenty of good banter...... for example one surreal evening I was sat stoned out of my gourd with my jaw open as Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey and Barbara Windsor - the Carry On film luvvies - all minced in wearing tuxedos, dickies and sequins - out from intermission at the Whitehall Theatre across the road to throw a few stiff ones down their necks - quite bizarre little evening.....

    or the night I almost - almost - knocked the legendary Jockie Wilson out of the (Tennents beer?) doubles darts qualifying round heat there..... man - that guy drank a pint of beer in two easy gulps between each throw of the darts and as everyone else got rat arsed slaughtered (and sloppy) he just got better and better. 180! 180! I started off well and got on a lucky streak, fell at the end to his onslaught..... lol

    i remember when the council came and told Willie (Wully?) to fix hisplace up or be closed down. prior to this, there was sawdust on the floor and there was only one toilet - dreadful stinking little back room where you pissed against an untiled wall and the one bog was only used by desperate girls who couldn't make the trip to the Tav bar - and some guy would have to 'mind the door' while they were using the erm, facilities.

    So Willie gave up his beer keg store area and installed a ladies loo. It was something else..... painted powder pink with soft toilet paper like some crazy barbie doll accessory......

    Mind you - after that his female clientele were more likely to actually stay the whole evening...

    There wss a 'Family Room' - basically a wee nook where a man might take his wifey and they could have a bit of 'privacy' away from the course ruffians..... wit a serving hatch which couldn't be seen clearly from the main bar....

    lol - bless Willie Frew and his raucous laugh - with hisjam jar glasses he looked and sounded as mad as a handful of german fur....

  7. Willie's wife made great cheese and pickle sandwiches which washed down very nicely with a barley wine.

  8. Willie's wife made the best stovies. You could sometimes buy them in the bar