Thursday, 14 January 2010


On this day, 33 years ago, Rory Gallagher was on stage at the Caird Hall.
What you got was not glitz or pyrotechnics, but just him with his sleeves rolled up, his battered old Strat strapped on, his band pumping out their own particular brand of blues-rock, all putting in a good 2 and a half hour shift!
It's fine to just keep things nice & simple sometimes!!


  1. What a loss.... One of the finest guitar players that ever lived

  2. An awesome night and one which probably still rates as the most exciting - and exhausting - gig I've ever attended. Saw him again down south on a couple of occasions at least ten years on and unfortunately he never quite hit the highs of that night. A real hero to me, I got the chance to chat to him pre-gig backstage at the Reading Octagon somewhere around '87. Enjoyed some wiffle with McAvoy and O'Neill before Rory pitched up, but when he did, there was just *something* about the bloke when he walked in that made me want to do nothing more than leave him in peace to get on with the night. Funny. Of course; I desperately regret not engaging him in some way, if only to say 'hello', but then again ...sometimes heroes are best left beyond reach.
    As an aside, while living in Yorkshire I played bass with the Jed Thomas Band for six years, leaving just a year or so before he became a regular at the Blues Bonanza. As Rory fans go, he made me feel like an amateur ;-)

  3. Never saw Rory live but in the early 70's I was listening to him when most of my mates were into chart music, they thought I was a bit eccentric (but it was probably me who was normal)master guitarist.