Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Back to 204 Perth Road where we were a few days ago when it was the Underworld Cafe, only this time, a decade later, it has become the Universal Garden Chinese restaurant.
Plenty music to munch along to it seems, and a 3 course meal for 40p must have surely been the cheapest in town!
The ad is dated 1974.

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  1. The "UGs" as "we" ( a hefty contingent of the Harris Academy seniors!) nicknamed it. We regularly descended on this upstairs downstairs restaurant/disco on many a Saturday evening in late '77 & through into 1978. A right under age drinking/wenching/dancing spot for us lot. Great fun though. Anyone out there remember these Saturday nights? Waiting at the top of the stairs hoping to grab a vacant seat? Tiny dance floor that was packed to bursting every time 'Night Fever' hit the turntable? Cold beers & food were actually pretty good and looking at the prices in 1974 , still must've been pretty reasonable 3 years on. C'mon.... there must still be many of you young at hearts out there that can say I was there!! ha ha bestest to all that made these nights a right good laugh! ;) Roddy Kemp