Thursday, 10 February 2011


A nice reminder of the kind of local mobile disco action that was going on around town during a typical random week back in March 1977.
Starting at the top - with the I.E. Discotheque getting in the groove up at the Ferry Lounge in the Tay Centre Hotel.
Next up we have the Sweeney's who managed to break loose from the Sands for an evening and take their Venus Ultra Disco for a spin along at the Invercarse Hotel - in the appropriately named Spinney bar!
Dancing around the edge of town, the Scenic 7 Disco were pumping out their beats across at the Longhaugh Hotel.
Off to the Golden Pheasant now to sample the ample sounds of the Deepwater Disco, who were normally to be heard along at the Bowling Alley each week.
The Nine Maidens had an over 20's night when the Neoteric Disco stopped off to spin their selection of vinyl in the Silver Cage.
From silver to chrome and it's back into the city centre we go to boogie on down to the Gemini Disco at the Chrome Rail.
The good thing about mobile disco's was it meant you didn't always have to dress smart and go queue up at the Barracuda every weekend just to have some fun on the dancefloor - the DJ's brought the dancefloor to you sometimes too!
The last item, however, has got me wondering - just how many of the Disc Jockeys who were on the road this particular week, decided to take part in the DJ competition held in Tiffany's the same week?
And who ended up the vinyl victor?!

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