Wednesday, 2 February 2011


The guys in Pegasus were still at school when they formed in 1974 - not all at the same school mind you.
Left to right - JOHN MUIR, bass - GORDON McQUILLAN, drums - FRANK MURRAY, vocal - ANDY BUTTER, guitar - WILLIE FORREST, guitar.
John & Gordon were at Craigie High, Frank was a Morgan pupil, not sure what school the other 2 went to but Andy is from Kirkton and Willie is from Ardler.
Although it looks like a gig on top of a giant dressing table, this shot of the band was captured at the Marryat Hall in 1975.
They usually played less plush venues such as community centres, church halls and youth clubs.
I can remember seeing them play at Craigie High in 74. Although it wasn't his normal band image, the dizzy excitement of performing in CHS Assembly Hall saw Frank prance on stage wearing Alice Cooper style make-up! All good fun.
Plenty vigorous tremolo arm action on the guitar solos too I recall!
Can't say for certain how many years Pegasus stayed together but John later had a stint with Erasmic Superfoam, and nowadays has a successful Solicitors firm.
Gordon has provided beats for many bands in the past...(deep breath)... Kandy, The Junkies, The RB's, Tiffany's resident band, Combo Vito, Hoochie Coochie Band, The River Crows, Kick, Midnight Blues Band - and if that wasn't enough, he's also done recording sessions for The Blue Nile and Fiction Factory.
One project he is involved in these days is beating the drum for the Dundee RATT cause.
Frank - well he just decided to dig for gold in Venezuela!
I don't have the lowdown on Andy & Willie, so over to you lot to fill in the remainder.
Big thanks to Willie.


  1. Were the RB'S (the rude boys)a ska band that went on to be part of Fiction Factory then some ended up playing in rock band Kick ? From Perth/Scone maybe ?

  2. Nice light show !!!!!!!!! one strobe for Silver Machine by the looks of it :) and H&H cabs and amp, yes it's all coming back :)

  3. hah...! What a good memory!! I remember them well, also remember Kandy (with a 'K' remember) G.C. Massey was the "Manager"

  4. i was at shool wi andy butters, did he no hae a garage at the end o americanmuir road?

  5. Some of the rude boys did go on to become Fiction factory and they were Perth based.
    Andy served his apprenticeship at that garage, he only ever played in Pegasus and packed up soon after, last heard he,s now a bus driver in Cupar area.
    Gordon auditioned for the rb's when we were in another band together, that's me on far right, never stopped playing although keyboards now.
    I've worked with Gordon a lot thru' the years, I thought Frank went to the army? could be wrong.
    Still see John occasionally.
    The Craigie High school gig was our first that I remember, and a great experience in those days, some guys used to help us out there Dougie Jamieson,John James,Graeme Sandilands(all Craigie i think?) and my mate Rab the roadie.
    Great site btw. Good work GG.

  6. Thanks for that Myles, i was wondering if someone just made that up :) now i can go shut up all my mates who accused me of "talkin' sh**e" whenever i brought that topic up! cheers!

  7. Kandy and RB's have also played at Craigie High.
    Then again even I'VE been on the CHS stage. Not performing mind you, just mucking about when Gordon McQuillan, John James and Kenny Lees first got together to have a bit of a jam session. Pre Pegasus. When I say jam session, it was only really Gordon who could play, the other 2 had just picked up their guitars and didn't know much at this stage. I ended up showing one of them a couple of bar chords. They eventually managed to knock out a couple of tunes.
    Did Kevin Hackney (another CHS guy) not have a stint as Pegasus roadie at some stage?

  8. Kandie with an "ie" not a "y" I recall. They played quite a few CHS dances in the mid to late 70s. One of them was going out with a girl in sixth year I think. Gordon was their drummer after Pegasus split.

  9. Charlie, you may remember Cozy McQuillan was one of the first to pass his driving test at CHS (spoilt wee bugger that he was). I remember touring the streets of Dundee in his Dad's green Hillman Hunter with him shouting "Pegasus Band for your dance or Disco" at various passers-by.

  10. Holy Shit... Kenny (Beaver)Lees is still alive... It's not true what my mother told me about substance abuse...


    1. Beaver was Billy Lees (no relation!)

  11. I did a bit of roadie work too (remember Rab well) and did the poster for the Craigie High gig. I remember that bastard of a manager - got me drunk on Mickey Finns when I was an innocent wee lad. Fun times.

  12. Hi. Your thinking of Graeme the bass player with FF. He went on to be in kick, but he wasn't in the rbs...