Monday, 28 February 2011


You're guess is as good as mine as to whether these 2 lads are law-breakers up to no good, or law-abiding citizens doing some research on the Dundee to Newtyle railway line - whichever it is, this image of the pair was taken at the bricked up entrance of the Law tunnel, around the Kinghorne Road area, in the early 70's.
2 ghost train-spotters possibly?!


  1. Thats ally hendrickx on the right hand side, so it is

    1. Do you know where he is now?

  2. Seems to have a wee Hitler moustach too.

  3. They've built houses at this site now. Pretty sure this used to be next to a Tennis court. Wonder if the tunnel is still there or was it filled in?

  4. Maybe a bowling club Hisrorian? I think the tennis courts were further down, (maybe not tho ) did have a few trips inside the tunnel , ghosts painted on the walls , bats over your head , a proper fleggy night oot, :) luved it. then doon ti "aipil alley" for some "plundereeze", tar and broken gless on tap oh the waz, never stopped wi tho, wha needed an X Box ????? :)

  5. Tennis courts. The site was filled in and landscaped in 1982.

  6. Cheers Russell

  7. Now this brings back tons o memories,getting the bus fae across the road fae the auld folks home at the bottom o douglasfield park. The MacGregors,Gaffneys, Taylors,Boab Maich,John Davidson and co loaded to the hilt wee candles in jars,torches,bluebell matches...
    I remember that we had to climb over a wall fae the road, and there was tennis courts for sure.
    The entrance o the tunnel was boarded up wee a few sheets o corregated iron which was no problem for 11 year olds fae Balmedie. ha ha
    I only remember one painted ghost was at start ? the tunnel was straight and had divider walls every 25 ft or so running 90% to the track, thats where you got scared stiff ( what was on the otherside o the wall ? )and at the end it was filled up rocks,bricks planks o wood etc. 1971 great childhood memories..
    RETRO DUNDEE cheers,

  8. inside the war memorial there is a staircase that takes you down, to where ?
    the bear
    ps thats defo hendo on the right he used to live in mains st a short walk away and always wore a bri nylon shirt, and the tash is chaplins : )

  9. Tunnel is still there, filled at both ends but still accessed from manhole to check condition, which is not much worse than when this pic was taken.
    You'd need your canary these days though, zero ventilation !

  10. Ghost was a wee bit in , went " BOO!" :) dreepin' water , echoes , yip, was there too!

  11. Does anyone have any photos inside the tunnel of the ghost etc