Friday, 25 February 2011


Dundonian, Stan Urban, is an old-school rock 'n' roller.
He was hooked on the music at a young age - and I mean young - playing in a local band called The Mystery Men when he was only 13 back in the 50's, when rock 'n' roll was as fresh as he was.
By the early 60's he had progressed to providing piano backing for Gene Vincent & Chuck Berry and was also part of the bustling Hamburg scene at the time.
In the 70's, when he had a residency in Ibiza, he even found himself jamming with Jimmy Page & Robert Plant!
Since the 80's he has released many records as a solo artist - with one of the albums called "Dundee Jivin' "
Performing live is what he likes doing best though and the above picture is him playing a home gig at Sessions, sometime around the mid/late 80's.
He lives in Denmark now and you can find out more about what he's up to from his own website here - (remember and click the union jack if you don't understand Danish!).

And so as Stan brings the house down - it's time now for Retro to bring the curtain down on the present music theme and head off to pastures new...
Photo by The Bear.

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