Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Here's the very last ever "Poparound", the local music column written by Toni Scott. This was a regular feature in the weekly Dundee newspaper, The Peoples Journal, with the final issue above dated 11th January 1986.
I'll do a shortened version of the content in the caption for search purposes, but you can read the item in more detail yourselves.
So the main topic is an appearance by ANGEL (in photo), who was doing 2 stints locally, Buddies in the Ferry and the Coconut Grove in town.
Along with the Fat Sams advert listing the weeks events, Toni reminds us that THE MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG were playing that Sunday at the Dance Factory.
Next up is a piece about a gig at the Marryat Hall under the "Jobs For Youth Campaign" banner. Acts taking part were AAGA, BOO HOORAY, CHILLI PEPPERS and JOE PUBLIC.
There's news also of a Reggae Disco at Beez Neez.
Finally, there's an update on a competition where 4 winners were to be going down to London in January with local DJ Tony Cochrane, the prize being to meet PAUL WELLER at his recording studio.
At the bottom of the same page was the other ad for the Dance Factory's forthcoming gigs. The schedule at the time consisted of the following bands - THE MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG, PLAY DEAD, WIN, BLUBBERRY HELLBELLIES and the HOUSE MARTINS.
However, the Play Dead & Win gigs were cancelled, and one of the dates was filled at short notice by DEAF HEIGHTS CAJUN ACES.
I've uploaded the Poparound section "actual size", so give it a click and have a wee read.
By the way, anybody recall what Fat Sams "Back To Front Party" was all about?


  1. The Dundee Standard's music page was far better.

  2. my sister in law Terry was the last 'Toni Scott', Dc Thomson having closed The Journal just before its centenery, maybe because it was initially a Leng publication.
    The Fatties thing was wearing you clothes back to front I think so's youd look like Frankensteins monster which I frequently did :D

  3. Dundee Standards page was that no done by Pauline the Editor or John 'the printer'Gibson it was no great shakes either, although I did go round the pubs selling it anything for The Movement!!

  4. .
    Whatever happened to the "Dundee Extra"?
    The woman who did the "Ann Adair" column was "Toni Scott" for a while in the early 80s...

  5. Toni must have liked me as i won about 6 brand new albums for "letter of the week", I thought the Dundee Standard was a braw paper too..
    lesley g.

  6. So, who was the lovely "Angel"? Can't find any info about her online, so I'm guessing her trip to Buddies was all in vain - Wikipedia has an article about a singer of the same name, but she was born 2 years after this cutting...

  7. If I remember correctly the Housemartins were supposed to be chrashing at my house that night after the gig but ended up staying at Lesley G's , I think

  8. Not for the first time she's had a hoose ful oh small birds ;)

  9. chuckle,, mike,, i was only going on about that the other week..Yeah they crashed at mine as my pal Julie had a bit o a thing for Paul heaton. ( singer) she had been up to see The men they couldnt hang with me, and was delighted they were coming up,, so moseyed on up to dundee from London. we had a secret code LOL.. if she wated rid of me she had to ask for mint choc chip ice cream covered in creme de menthe ! and set alight of course :) oh happy days ! and my eyebrows grew back eventually !!

    lesley g.

  10. and jimmy i only have the 2 left ! 2 cockatiels that drive me mad :) If thats the implication ?

    lesley g