Friday, 4 February 2011


I searched and searched the Internet but couldn't find any commercials from the 60's for Lees Macaroon Bars.
Just like Ricicles, Milky Bars, plus a few others, the tunes used on these kids ads were drilled into our childhood psyche and have since gone on to become fond memories many decades later.
Well I'm pleased to say I had the Lees theme tune in my own collection, and after discovering it's non appearance on the net, I thought I'd do the honours.
The recording below is from May 1967 and is a radio ad for Macaroon Bars using the same tune they had for their TV ads.
Not only will most of you (my age group) recognise the tune, some of you may even be able to sing along to it - "Lees, Lees, more if you please..."
The radio version doesn't actually have the TV ad lyrics because back then Radio Scotland's DJ's still read out the product ads live on air themselves, but you do at least get the same tune along with the DJ's sales pitch.
The image above of the cheery chap pointing to the Lees products is the piccaninny who was referred to in the TV version.
You wont need me to remind you that Lees also made the scrumptious Snowballs, which would then be put into a Squasher (or Skwaashir) and made it so messy as a kid with most of it ending up all over your face. (Cue - tongue trying to clean face, but not long enough to reach the remnants stuck too far away!)
Anyway, possibly for the first time in over 40 years for some of you, here's the original Lees Macaroon Bar theme tune.


  1. thanks for the effort and great nostalgic trip

  2. I *may* be wrong, but I have a dim memory telling me that the ruich baritone voice that sings the TV version of the song is the late, great Iain Wallace.

    I stress though that this MAY be entirely wrong!

  3. I too had heard — many years ago — that Ian Wallace was the bass voice on the Lee's ads.!

    Like the previous poster, I have no proof and it may just have been a scurrilous rumour. It does seem quite likely, though.