Saturday, 19 February 2011


Here's an interesting gig that took place in Dundee back in the groovy 60's.
The venue was Dundee College Of Art.
The date was 12 December 1968.
The occasion was the students Christmas Revels Ball.
The entertainment on the night was 3 rock bands.
Top of the bill was none other than Pink Floyd, who were starting to become a major draw by this time, even although main man, Syd Barrett, had left the psychedelic group by then.
Gethsemane was one of the support acts, but they didn't last much longer after this gig as a short while later, the band split up.
The other group on stage was a bunch of local lads going under the name of Rock Tonsils and the Sleaz Band.
Soon after, they shortened their name to just The Sleaz Band and went on to have a bit of success in the 70's, recording-wise as well as on the live circuit.


  1. I remember the night well, I was a Fine Art student at the time. The 'theme' of the evening was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I wore a bowler hat decorated with flickering fairy lights. 'Recreationals' arrived from Edinburgh in the nick of time.

  2. Gethsemane featured Martin Barre,later the lead guitarist of Jethro Full, who mentions this gig on his website and confirms that Dave Gilmour, Floyd's new guitarist, played here