Sunday, 20 February 2011


Rockpile, in Westport, was a popular Record Exchange shop that cropped up on the scene in the early 80's.
In the mid 80's, I used to visit them regularly as one who sold them records when I was gradually offloading the mountain of vinyl I had amassed.
Well now it's confession time - 2 of the albums I passed onto them were missing a couple of items!
The top image is a set of art prints done by Peter Schmidt that were a free gift with an album by Eno called "Before And After Science" which I bought in 1977. The set of four 12 inch prints came in a kind of presentation folder in the record sleeve.
The other photo is of a free bonus album that I got with a record released by Bill Nelson in 1981 called "Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam".
It turned out that the free album "Sounding The Ritual Echo" was one I played more often than the actual official LP it was with, so just as I had decided to hold on to the art prints when I sold the Eno album to Rockpile, I also opted to keep the free Bill Nelson album, considering it too good to sell!
I do remember peeling the "INCLUDES FREE ALBUM" sticker off the record sleeve before innocently handing over the "Quit..." album!
So if anyone can recall buying either of those 2 albums out of Rockpile - well, I still have your stuff!
If you want to claim the missing items, you'll need to show me your receipt as proof of purchase!
Meanwhile, especially for the person who missed out on it, here's a wee taster of one of the tracks from the bonus album, a track called "My Intricate Image". All the "experimental" tracks on the LP were recorded using faulty equipment Bill had at home!
"Sounding The Ritual Echo" was officially released in it's own right on CD later in the 80's, I think I'm right in saying.


  1. When I first went to Rockpile I am sure they were up Blackness Road somewhere but my memory is cloudy. I really liked Rockpile and the folks that ran it, I always felt a bit less ripped off by them compared to Grouchos

  2. remember buying dark side of the moon on vinyl and it still had original posters and stickers in sleeve! ace!

  3. Yes, Rockpile was in.. I think Annefeild road off Blackness , Run by Ian Walker , then when they moved to westport , Ian had help from his brother in law Mike Stachan (drummer in VEX) , then after Mike went to glasgow to open his own second hand record shop (realistic records)whilst training to be a nurse , Ian employed Brian Hutton (Altres) to help , they were very fair and I remember Ian getting a batch of really rare Zappa bootleg L.P.'s in and He taped them , I made covers from the original covers and he sold them cheaply because he wanted people to have them and share the music ! Thats the sort of guy Ian is ! maybe not a good business man but a fair man , and retro I also had the eno pictures will have to search them out!


  4. i can still smell it yet

  5. yep good lads in that shop, once refused to sell me "kind of blue" as it was in poor nick

  6. yea I spent many a time in Rockpile chatting to Ian fine guy good times

    charlie mcd

  7. Rockpile was indeed on Blackness Road certainly between about 1977 and 79 (while I was a the Logie/Harris Annexe). It was a couple of doors down from the Ironmonger.
    Like Stoo I always felt welcome in Rockpile rather than Groucho's where I always felt a wee bit imtimidated.
    Bought my first vinyl copies of Rattus Norvegicus, No More Heros and Black & White there.

    Incidentally, I won a competition to choose the track-listing of Bill Nelson's compilation album Vistamix. I think my original choice was tweaked a bit but it was essentially my Bill Nelson mix tape...but on vinyl.

  8. By the way, Ian (Mr Rockpile) was in my place watching his son's band recording at the weekend there. He hasn't changed at all over the years; was a rare blast from the past having the authentic Rockpile patchouli aroma about the studio for the afternoon too!

  9. Ah the smell of patchouli and the sound of prog rock in Rockpile. I miss it.

  10. ye that was my dads shop i remember was very young at the time
    That was my band recording at seagate

    1. tell your dad thanks :) his shop is sorely missed - and I'm still saying that even thought I haven't been in it for nearly 30 was THAT good a shop!

  11. Good memories of Rockpile - popped in there regularly when my family moved to Dundee inbthe 90s, wish I had the chance to visit even more.