Sunday, 13 February 2011


When I posted a feature about The Megazones on Retro last November, I mentioned that they had released a single in 1980, but I didn't have a copy of it in my collection.
Well lo & behold, a couple of days later, a copy of it was sent to me, straight from the vault of Megazones main man himself, Jim Farrell.
So here it is below - the A-side of the record "Never Been So Lonely" - an upbeat, tuneful piece of pop with a slight hint of Split Enz, The Cars and The Beatles swirling around inside.
In the November feature, the drummer named in The Megazones gig review was Kev Devlin, however, on this recording the guy behind the kit is Kenny Farquharson, who later went on to have a very successful career as a journalist and is presently Deputy Editor of Scotland On Sunday.
Big thanks to Jim and Craig.


  1. in retrospect and since I have mellowed with age it is not to bad , fucking hated it at the time though!! ...actually I've not mellowed still don't like it but could see why it would appeal to less critical people than myself :)


  2. That reminded me of the time when John Lydon was on Juke Box Jury!

  3. it sounds like the polis

  4. Hiya. This is Kenny the Megazones drummer here. Many thanks for posting this. Brings back great memories. Ian Carnegie's guitar solo still makes me smile. It was a shame the rest of the album never saw the light of day - the other songs were a lot more in keeping with the moment.
    It was recorded at Decibel Studios in Stamford Hill, where the Sex Pistols and Marc Bolan recorded. The whole album was done in a week.
    Kenny Farquharson

  5. Hello Retro Dundonians..
    Have Just posted some Megazones tracks on youtube.. Check them out!!