Thursday, 24 February 2011


This is Alan Price entertaining the Dundee crowd along at Sessions in Westport - sometime around the mid/late 80's.
I can remember when Alan was a regular on the telly in the 60's when he was in The Animals, a band who had some serious chart-busting singles in the hit parade - as it was called back then.
He then went solo around the early 70's and became a kind of lightweight all-round entertainer appearing on naff variety shows. I never saw or heard him again after that.
So obviously, as this picture shows, he went back to doing what he was doing before The Animals formed - playing the Northern pub & club circuit.
His 2 female backing singers appear to be sharing a joke behind his back rather than providing vocals!
Photo by The Bear.


  1. the first time I saw glass tights I thought she'd oiled her legs, Alan was a hoot down to earth full of mischief, I was with the band most of the day a great laugh.
    the bear

  2. Alan Price and his band appeared at the Rep. sometime in the eighties(I think). Bloody good as I recall. He still turns up in Dundee occasionally as a guest with the Manfreds etc. Rhythm and Blues tours.

  3. Alan appeared in one or two t.v. shows as a guest actor. Most notably in "Heartbeat" sometime around 2007 (at a guess) as a musician / band leader (think it was a Christmas Special).

    His most notable solo single was probably "Jarrow Song" in the 70's, which was a tribute to the marches from Tyneside when the shipyards were shutting several decades back (pre-WW2).