Thursday, 3 February 2011


In 1982, Jock Ferguson cheekily sent a cassette of The Junkies to Buckingham Palace suggesting that the band would be available to perform for any forthcoming Royal Gala's planned, should Her Majesty have been looking for a decent trash-glam combo to play for free.
Master Of The Household, Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Ashmore replied on the Queen's behalf with the above letter.
Sadly it was no can do as regards The Junkies bringing their gear down to the palace, but at least their music was given the royal seal of approval when the cassette was returned stating that it was "enjoyable"!
Peter Ashmore was the chap in charge of palace security when that intruder got into the Queen's bedroom, some of you may remember.
This item was published in a fanzine called "Sweet TV Times" - (with the emphasis on TV - if you know what I mean) - and was given out at Junkies gigs.
Click onto it if you need to read the larger version.
Thanks again to the Major.


  1. Reminds me of the sort of thing Robin Cooper did in his brilliant book "Timewaster Letters".

  2. Anarchy for the UK
    It's coming sometime, maybe
    I give a wrong time or send a letter
    Your future dream is not much better


  3. Al's done a M.Jagger & accepted his C.B.E. I howeverhave given mine back.