Sunday, 9 January 2011


At the start of 1988, Street Life magazine published this review about some of the bands who played in Dundee during 1987.
Acts who performed at various venues around town featured the likes of, Hipsway, Doctor & The Medics, The Proclaimers, Mighty Lemon Drops, Beat Poets...........and plenty of others mentioned on their list of favourites.
The photos in the article are of local act Joe Public, the Hue & Cry gig at the Dance Factory and The Communards at the Caird Hall.
You'll need to click onto the review to read or download the large version.


  1. Saw Hipsway at the Uni around 1984. Fantastic gig.

  2. The Communards were chased along the Seagate by a punk band coming out of Seagate studios apparently. File it next to Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks getting biffed at the Marryat, and the Sigue Sigue riot!

  3. I was in a band called The Junkies that literaly had members of hanoi Rocks crying for their parents (Nasty Suicide).....the managers of the Queens Hotel coudn't believe it....don't believe Heavy Metal magazine hype

  4. DUSA certainly put some top bands of the time on back then. By the time the late 90's came (when I was a student there), you was lucky if you had a second rate covers band once a term; such was the extent of live music in this venue !