Thursday, 27 January 2011


In contrast to yesterdays empty road along Hawkhill, here's a couple of pictures from the 60's showing a traffic packed High Street and Murraygate.
This was the era of Anglia's, Hillman's, Sunbeam's, Wolseley's and such like, and I'm sure some of you will be able to identify a few retro classics in there.
That's a Zodiac parked outside DM Brown's doorway.
Even the bus is in on it with an advert for SMT, who were Vauxhall and Bedford dealers.
The top picture comes from the "Dundee And Round About" book I featured last year, dated 1964, and even back then they were discussing the pedestrian v traffic battle, with the forecast being a victory for pedestrians!
Underneath it is the Murraygate when it too saw plenty vehicle action.
You can make out a beer lorry delivering fresh barrels to The Old Bank Bar.
Both sides of the street are crammed with cars, and yet the sign at the foot of the lamppost says "No Parking"!!
Click on the images to have a closer look.
Photos by DC Thomson.


  1. The bus in the top picture (AEC Regent III CYJ 252) still exists and has been preserved.

  2. I can't work out where that top photo is taken from - is it from the Wellgate end, or Commercial St?

    Or somewhere else!

  3. It's taken from the High Street end looking towards Murraygate.
    You should be able to work out that "Smiths" top right, is on the corner of Murraygate and Commercial Street.

  4. ahh...can see it now.
    Commercial St looks very narrow, didn't realise that was what it was. So Smiths is now the Body Shop and DM Browns became Arnotts and whatever clothes shops it is now.