Tuesday, 11 January 2011


1st ad is from 1968 and is for Cairds in Reform Street.
I actually remember these school caps being worn by a couple of kids at Balerno Primary in the mid 60's, but thought they had disappeared by the late 60's. Here they are though, still on sale in '68.
The McGills ad is dated 1970.
The school gear they had on offer were uniforms and sportswear, so that would have included both of their department stores in Victoria Road.
Next up is the GL Wilson ad from 1965.
Their store was well known for being located on "the corner" - that was on the corner of Murraygate & Commercial Street.
They appear to have specialised in school underwear and sportswear. However, in the 60's there really wasn't that much of a difference. I recall when the chaps didn't have shorts to put on they just run around in their undies and vest. The girls always wore navy blue pants to gym and don't think they wore shorts at all in primary.
The last ad is also from 1965 and is for Menzies.
They had 3 shops on the go at the time - the Wellgate, Princes Street and Kirk Style.
The mention of sportswear reminded me that when at primary in the 60's, gym was referred to as PT (Physical Training), but when we went to secondary in 1970 it had become known as PE (Physical Education). I know not why!


  1. I wore a school cap to Forthill Primary and that was in 1975. My mum still has it somewhere... For a lark I tried to buy one for my own kid this year when he started school but they're hard to find now -- and very expensive

  2. I wore navy blue knickers and sandshoes for Gym at Rockwell Primary.

  3. I was a tinky from Kirkton who had to go to the berries for my school clothes, we also got school clothes from Lawsons and fisher in Whitehall Crescent and Alex Smiths in Commercial Street on tic..Now I'm fkin loaded and my kids are spielt and get it all on a plate

  4. My brother also had a Forthill School cap when he started in 1973 I remember the shop only had one in and I think we got it cheaper as it wasn't an official part of the uniform by then, not many boys still wore them (shame).
    Also, I loved my Enid Blyton-style navy tunic that had pleats right up to the neck and was nipped in with a belt at the waist, school ribbon sewn around the square top of the tunic, white shirt and school tie. When they brought in the horrible nylon alternatives in the mid-seventies I wasn't too happy, but I suppose my mum was as she did the ironing.