Friday, 21 January 2011

CAIRDS AD - 1971

Here's Cairds in Reform Street giving us their sales pitch, emphasising being "up-to-the-minute" with their fashions.
I don't recall them being particularly trendy, but on offer for the gals was a department called "Honey", which according to the ad was "packed with swinging fashions"!!
The guys had a place called "05ive". It looks like a misprint to me, but if that's what it was called then it sounds like a shop you'd go for hip-hop gear nowadays!
An international range of menswear is what they really had though.


  1. I remember that honey "boutiqe"> there was never anyone in it apart from the snooty cow that worked there.I can see her now..stuck up bint,who would look at us with disdain. Were about 14 and my pal asked her if they took Provie cheques.. meh god she looked fit to explode.Turns ooot she was jist a schemie like us, wi a mad family !
    lesley g

  2. Cairds was never known for trendy - I know cos my mum bought my Christmas jumpers there - but I do remember the boutique where I got a drop dead gorgeous dress. I don't think I'd fit a leg in it now.
    There was a really pretty blonde girl worked there. Her sister (or twin) did window dressing and worked in the same boutique I was in on a Saturday. Pace Setters in Commercial Street opposite the registrars. I have done loads of searches but can't find any trace of this shop. Maybe it was all a dream !

  3. I remember my mum tried to buy me a denim jacket and jeans from the childrens fashion dept. They looked both awful and unfashionable. I moaned and huffed until she took me to McGills and bought the Wrangler denim suit that I wanted. Yes, Cairds was never good for teen fashion.