Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Following on from yesterday's disappearing streets, here's another one that no longer exists - Blackheath Place. This was on Hawkhill between Annfield Road and Ure Street, pretty much opposite Mid Wynd.
The wire fence, bottom left, was a car park area.
In fact, everything in the picture has now gone. The same location doesn't look anything like this now.
A nice touch with the Players No 10 advert though. It's like someone being granted their final request to have a cigarette before being executed!
There's a possibility the photo was taken in the early 80's, but I've settled for late 70's. Bit of a guess.
And no traffic...unlike the items next!


  1. Is that the Kirk Street multis you can see from there ?

  2. Anonymous - no, you wouldn't see the Lochee multis from there. You'd see the Hilltown ones once you got up the hill a bit. Those objects look like multis, but I think they're hoardings.

    I'd go for mid-70s, because what you can see way in the distance are the tenements near Isles' Lane being pulled down, and the remains of Kincardine Street. The whole north side between Wilkie's Lane and Heathfield Works had been cleared by 1977.

    On the right that's Mid Wynd Works, which came down about 1980. Your picture of Grey Approach from last July shows them standing on the rubble.

    What I'd have given to see these pictures a few years ago! More, please!

  3. Whats really interesting for me, now living in Kent, is how much my current town has not changed over the years.

    I remember coming up to Dundee with my pal Derek, telling him how we would go to the Tayside Bar, and how we turned the corner and it was

    I love seeing these pictures but somehow there's a sadness....

  4. I can vouch for this photo being late 70's. I used to walk down the 'Hackie' tae go 'doon the toon' as a wee boy. Over my childhood I saw a lot of the Hawkhill torn down. Then, it was a great playground on the rubble, but later it was apparent that it symbolised the death of the industry and culture that was lost with it at that time. No doubt some kids in the far east will cheris their factories and boom towns - sadly we've lost ours.

  5. great picture memories flooding back of when I was at the Joeys and lived up the Blackie and used to play all around these areas, I once got trapped in that car park for about ten minutes but it seemed like hours I never climbed over that fence again, was it the Caird factory at the north end of Blackheath ?
    Echoing Neale E more please

  6. I lived in Blackheart place in 1970. It was a room and kitchen with outside looking. I was in the RAF at Leuchars but worked up at Craigowl in the Sidlaw Hills at the Tacan beacon.My next door neighbour Dennis Patrick also worked there. There also was a 'civvie' working there who had a laundromat/drycleaner in Dundee. His name was Jim Scrim.

  7. Lived in Watt Street, which had been knocked down by the time this photo was taken.

  8. I lived in Blackheath and still have some great memories of the place, the Plety, outside toilet on the veranda, the two cramped rooms shared by my mum, dad ,me and my two sisters.The waft of fresh bread coming from Cuthberts the Baker,playing in the car park and getting up to mischief and being scolded by the vehicle owners. Running up to Willie Frews pub to get my dad home for his tea and I will never forget my daily walk to the Joey's primary school and my all time favourite teacher Mrs Brady who I will never forget even though I left when I was 8 years old. Great memories and a very happy childhood.