Monday, 24 January 2011


This concrete piece of 60's abstract public art also doubled as a climbing frame for kids to play on. Not sure if that was the original thinking behind it but it seems like an obvious additional use.
It was the work of Dundee artist, Iain Eadie.
The other thing about the 2 photos is you'd never guess they were taken on Christmas Eve!
There's no sign of any festive decoration at all.
The images were captured on 24th December 1985 by Neale Elder.


  1. Looks like Neil McIntee in the green parka coat and sky blue hat to the right of the Tele seller????

  2. I love this site.

  3. I climbed all over those as a kid! Loved it :)

  4. I thought I had a eureka moment when I looked at the photos and spotted in amongst the abstract shapes the letter "O" (the hole) and the letter "V" (the notch above it) thinking that the structure spelt out the word "OVERGATE" in 3 dimensions, but no sign of the other 6 letters to back up my theory!!

  5. Good grief looks could be eastern europe

  6. The old overgate looks like it was a very grim place, perhaps worse than the Forum is now

  7. I spent many happy Saturday afternoons in the late sixties/early seventies clambering in, over and through these shapes.
    Couldn't manage it now...aijah, m' knees!

  8. Hi,
    Love your blog. I discovered it while looking for old photos of Dundee for a blog post I am writing about my hometown then and now. I am a Dundonian, but have lived for the past 18 years abroad.

    Most of the photos that I have found online were from your blog so I thought I would ask if you would mind me using them. I would of course link to your blog.