Friday, 28 January 2011


Another line of period cars, this time along a segment of Lochee High Street in the early 70's.
My attempt to name some may not all be 100% accurate so feel free to correct me (without swearing!) goes...Morris 1100, Humber Sceptre, Austin Maxi, Morris Traveller, 3 Mini's and 2 Vauxhall Viva's..not too sure of the remainder but it's a typical everyday display from this time zone.
I can name the shops though because I have an early 70's directory by my side.
Left to right - Kosto (newsagent) complete with Pola Cola sign above the door - Gall & Co (drapers) - Miss D. Fenton (fish merchant) - D. Webster & Co (butcher) - J. Milne (confectioner) - W. Low (supermarket) - Idea For Living (household accessories) - C. W. Carr (shoe retailer) - Forbes Johnston (chemist) and Alex Munro (butcher) with the canopy.


  1. I was there in the summer - and its so sad how run down it all looks. BUT we did have a warm greeting in the Local History Library!


  2. I think the light coloured 1100/1300 is the M.G version,the car passing the Morris 1000 traveller looks like a Vauxhall.The van is a B.M.C J4 and it looks like a mark 1 Cortina following it.I think Kosto took over a shop in Gray St Broughty Ferry which then became Anderson's newsagents and is currently split in two with Thorntons (the expensive sweetie people).

  3. Eh wiz a paper laddie fir Kosto's. Lasted 2 weeks, got the sack fir no turning uo fir the Seterday Tully. Wiz at Tannadice.

  4. Webster's Butchers shop is still in the same shop now.

  5. went down Lochee high street today what a right state its been left in with year of planner abuse

  6. Round about 1970 I would stay with my grandparents for the weekend and they would trail me in to Lochee on a Saturday for the messages. OK, I dreaded it, but now I’m glad to have the memories.

    Tom Elder would park his blue Ford Cortina in Tofthill and we’d walk down Bright Street. The routine was the same – Woolies, the savings bank, the library, then maybe the DPM, the post office and finally Lipton’s.

    Bank Street, Flight’s Lane, Sinclair Street…I can just remember the last remnants of Old Lochee.

    I've a soft spot for the Dark Suburb and hope it gets better.

  7. Wm boath shop about there in the 1970's and a butchars next door I think