Monday, 17 January 2011

MENZIES ADS - 60's / 70's

Menzies had a couple of shops in town in 1962, these being in Princes Street and the Wellgate.
One of their ads from that era, the top one, is for "Y-Fronts" - yours for 6/11 - approx 35p in today's money.
The "Y" of course is upside down, so you'd have to be doing a hand stand to read it as that!
Maybe they should have called them Mercedes-Fronts!
A shop in Kirk Style and one in the Nethergate had been added by the time the 1971 ad (centre) was published. These shops just mainly for general clothing.
Smart shirt - not so sure about the Toblerone hat!
A short while after 1971, they opened yet another city shop, this time in the Murraygate, and by March 1977 (the date of the final ad) they had a trendy boutique at that location called "Unit One". This place had a more youthful outlook, with bomber jackets, jeans and so on.

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