Saturday, 8 January 2011


Some of you may think that just before I tucked into my meal on Christmas day, I snapped this picture of it on my mobile, but no, this spread of Scottish cuisine dates back to 1984.
Tasty treats on offer include Keillers marmalade, butterscotch sweets, OVD rum, pies plus a few other delights in the mix.
This leads nicely into the fact that it's time once again for me to whet your appetite and serve up a feast of goodies on Retro, with lots of Dundee morsels placed tantalizingly before you to chew over! Some of the items on show may make you want a second helping and the odd one might induce bile, but at least there will be the usual variety brought over to you on the Retro platter.
Having said that, 2011 will be my final year dishing up the local fare. Fun that it is, I haven't actually got a bottomless pit of material to delve into, and having made a recent assessment, I reckon that the quantity I have remaining will run out this year. I definitely do have loads of stuff to keep going for many months and will likely go beyond summer before I reach the end of the line.
Retro Dundee will of course remain on the net, so all the items that are on will stay on for you to rewind over, as and when you fancy.
For now though, better get back into the time machine and set forth on another weird & wonderful journey into our past!!

Happy New YEEEEEEEEAAAaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... (enter time warp portal for 1980's).


  1. oh that potted hough would go doon braw with the stewarts Cream o the barley.. (OOYAH)..
    welcome back x

    lesley g.

  2. Happy New Year and welcome back.
    Dismayed that you'll be calling it a day later this year though.
    Do us a favour and ration our tasty morsels of Retro and stay with us a bit longer....please!

  3. My grandad used to make potted hough. It gave me the boak.

  4. Ironically, tripe turns my stomach!

  5. Oor Wullie, your Wullie, abodies Wullie13 January 2011 at 11:01

    At least the site is being left on the internet for all to look at. I myself have had hours of fun looking at the posts and have also enjoyed the growing community that this site has. You can almost tell who will add a comment to certain topics, some good, some bad, some absoulutely hilarious. Hopefully there will be many newcomers to the site over the years and they will add their input to certain topics relevant to themselves. I myself will always have a "skek" now and again to remind me of good old days gone by. And when someone in your work brings up an old memory about something i'll say "check oot Retro Dundee" :)

  6. if you are giving up GG will we still be able to add to whats on retro or will it be read only?

  7. I'll just let it run and run as it is, and all the comments can still be added to.
    So who wants to do Retro Dundee 2, any takers?

  8. I vote for Bridie :) But ! there is a massive amount of work has to be done behind the scenes, as you well know/ken it really is a thankless task, but, anyweh, it ain't over till it's over ,