Sunday, 27 September 2009


Moving down South in the mid 80's meant that I missed out on the Westport Bar when it opened a year or so after I departed, but was a regular visitor to it's previous hot spot format, Da Vinci's.
The photo here was taken in the late 80's, before it had it's large sign placed above the entrance, but you can still make out "Westport Bar" on the wrought iron gate.
I must say that I have heard and read nothing but good words about the Westie as a live music venue throughout the time span it was there, around 2 decades.
Just as with most of Dundee's decent music venues however, the last ones to perform there was that well known local act - THE BULLDOZERS.!!


  1. I was heartbroken when the Westie closed and was ultimately bulldozed. It was the end of an era.
    Loved the place, the staff and the regulars (of which I was one).


  2. Best live venue in Dundee, never been overtaken. The new "Westie" is an affrontery!!

  3. I had been drinking in the Westie for years before it dawned on me there were no windows...
    Good boozer and in the Early 90's best veggie burger in the toon.
    For me it was the best place to play & watch bands, always had the lunatics running the asylum feel to it.
    Not many places you can have a fag outside with Jah Wobble

  4. I used to frequent that bar in the early 90s, and even played a gig there on one occasion. I'd completely forgotten that, as the previous commenter mentions, there weren't any windows.