Tuesday, 22 September 2009


This is Mike Brough in the middle, with his brother Rich, on the right of the picture. These guys entertained regularly around the Dundee pubs & social clubs - 1970's/80's. They also sometimes worked with other local acts, helping out at weddings, private functions and so on.
If any of you can identify who the guitarist on the left is, or/and the venue, drop the info into the comments.


  1. worked with mike in d.c.thomsons early 70,s.moved to canada in 75

  2. Dear Retro, I knew Mike and Rich well. They both worked in the Courier for years.Over the years they had various third members of their band which they called the Millers. They played a lot in the Cambustay on Dalhousie Rd.which is now part of a chain and renamed Kittiwake. I am sure this picture was taken there in the lounge.The third guy in the picture is the son of a family who ran the Cambustay for a while. His name is Ian Frazer and he dabbled in and out of Showbiz memorably featured in a T.V. programme following Calum Kennedy's touring show all over the highlands.The last I heard of him was years ago when he was manager of the Greystanes Hotel.Another "third man" was a guy called Walter ? Maybe others out there will know his surname.

  3. Thanks a lot for the lowdown on the 3rd guitarist and filling in the rest of the details. Appreciated. Cheers GG

  4. Further to my earlier comments; Another "third man" was Gerry ? Again, someone out there might know the surname.
    For us Barnhillers the Cambustay and the Woodlands were the only places to go in the 60s and early 70s as the Barn had not been built. The Cambustay was owned by Ushers, purveyors of the most ghastly beer known to man - Ushers Gold Tankard. Many of the now defunct "clubbies" were backed by this brewery which was one way of selling their beer. Perhaps viewers might like to contribute to a list of closed clubbies.