Wednesday, 30 September 2009

BIG BLUE 72 - MARQUEE - 1989

This is the LP that captured Big Blue 72 live at the Marquee (Constable Street) on 29th October 1989.
10 members in the band - here goes - KEITH MATHESON, DAVID BOLGER, COLIN DAVIDSON, TONY HOEY, GREGOR IRVIN, ALLAN McGLONE, ALI NAPIER, SHIRLEY POTTS, DOUGIE RICHARDSON & COLIN STEWART. There were also 2 guests joined them on the night, David Oudney & Peter Allan.
This song from the album is one of the more laid-back ones on offer but still has that big sound bursting through - it's called "Days Like These", recorded by a 24 track mobile studio incidentally.
Must also mention the top notch graphics on the cover, drawn by Gordon Hendry, some of which can be viewed on the slide show below.


  1. Anyone know where Keith Matheson is these days?

  2. I've got an original recording of Days Like These on a casette tape somewhere in my loft. What's really sacry is that I remember all the words!!

  3. Keith moved down to Glasgow following the tragic death of his elder brother. He played with the Pearlfishers for a while and was also with Swiss Family Orbison (get their album - it's a great listen!). I've now lost touch with Keith but I sincerely hope he's happy and well. Graham.

  4. I Got this Album free when i bought my record player. Didn't play it at first because i thought it would be rubbish. When i did get round to playing it, i thought it was one of the best live records i've heard in my life, ever. Where are they now?

  5. I have just found this album among my late brothers collection of vinyl. I had never heard of this group. It looks and plays amazing and so is the music!!