Tuesday, 8 September 2009


In the mid/late 60's, before Levi & Wrangler dominated denim, most kids who were school age wore Johnny X jeans. These were cheap all-purpose jeans that weren't particularly designed as fashion items but more for basic rugged outdoor use. I'm not 100% sure that Johnny X was the official brand name, but we called them Johnny X'ers because they had a big X stitched across the back pockets. Being budget-priced jeans, they were sold in shops like Woolies, rather than fashion shops such as Goldbergs. I'm sure every 60's kid must have had a pair, even if they'd prefer not to mention it..!!
However, by the start of the 70's when Levi & Wrangler were THE ONLY jeans to be seen in, pity help you if you were caught still wearing Johnny X'ers.
Prepare yourself to be humiliated!


  1. Oh jeez, I never thought I'd see a pair of these again! They were ideal when Punk started as they were drainpipes... I used to buy mine from Sutherlands on the Hilltown, am sure they were mega cheap. Actually was on the Hilltown today buying a pair of cherry red Dr Martins from Bhers for my 13 year old son. Same place I bought my first pair of Docs. Felt weird, shop almost same as it was back in 77'...

  2. there is now a very highly fasioned company makes "johnny x'ers " all the rage "seemingly" ;)

  3. i remember having these, :) me and my pal sat for ages picking the stitching out , didna work tho, holes showed up ater a wash :)

  4. We used to sing "here comes johnny exy,johnny johnny exy" to the tune of johnny reggae, when we saw people wearing them.
    They looked good with a pair of George Best shoes.Remember them?

  5. Days and days and months and months spent nagging my mum not to get another pair of these and invest in Levis.
    By the look of them in the photo I'd rather wear them than a pair of Levis now.

  6. HA-HA-HA!!!
    JOHNNY Xers!!!
    old boy we used to work with in the Veedor-Root wore them, when me & Hoolie were wearing our Falmers & Brutus!!!